Learning the Design Tools

Polytechnical School for Graphic and Communication Design, Innsbruck/Austria,
Meisterschule for Graphic and Communication Design, Vienna/Austria

Early on I was lucky to choose a direction in my education that would I'm still passionate about. The way we do graphic design changed a lot, while communication design is at the core of all our efforts.


Developing Technology

BSc in Media Informatics and Visual Computing, Vienna/Austria

I realized that a lot of innovation is connected to deep understanding of potential and limitation of technology which motivated me to study computer science. At the Vienna university of technology I specialized in HCI and information visualization. 


Analyzing People

Working at a Usability Consultancy, Vienna/Austria

While working for two years at a usability consultancy in Vienna as User Interface Designer while studying I was involved in heuristic evaluation, creating wireframes and mockups and in turn usability testing. 


Mastering the Design Process

MFA in Interaction Design at the Umeå Institute of Design (UID), Umeå/Sweden

Entering UID I thought I would be able to bridge my previous education in computer science and communication design, but the education became so much more.

Among talented people who became close friends, I began to understand the design process as a whole from user research, to defining opportunities, creating scenarios and physical prototypes to user testing and learning about speculative and critical design. I finally understood what it meant for me to be a designer and more to be an interaction designer.


Understanding the Industry

Between research and industry, a leading design and innovation consultancy in Stockholm/Sweden, a start-up in London/UK

Between my two years of my master's studies I took a year off to intern at a diverse set of companies. I was working for the research Institute Swedish ICT/ Interactive Institute, the design and innovation consultancy Veryday and the IoT start-up SAM Labs.

I learned a lot about innovation, team dynamics and cultures, empathy for the team, the client and the user and about agile processes in start-ups.